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Turn Social Media Into Your Study Buddy

Student on Laptop with Twitter

Accountability. Its a big word and a big help when it comes to school and life in general. We all need a little extra help when we have things to do. Like when we go to the gym or on a run, we keep ourselves involved by having a friend along to workout with us. We usually assume the same is true for studying, right? Wrong.

My best friend is the worst study buddy.

Yep. Big test in the AM? Paper due tomorrow? Usually you'll grab a pal and hang out to take the dullness out of ancient Mesopotamian culture or algebraic expressions, right? And why not? It works great! That is- until you find out you've been talking about the Game of Thrones season finale and what a horrendous week you've had for the last four hours and don't know anything more about the Babylonians than you did in the third grade.

Time for a new study buddy. Yes, it is fun to hang out, but it feels better to get stuff done and pass that class you hate. You've got a bright future and sometimes that means buckling in and putting the proverbial pedal to the proverbial metal.

Social media is my new study buddy.

That's right! Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Now that may sound counterproductive, but telling people what you are doing on your primary social network can be one of the best ways of motivating yourself to finish what you start, without the distraction of an actual friend sitting right next to you.

So. . . this is studying for losers?

Uhhh no. -_-

Throw a post out there when you are situated, maybe with a picture of your pile of books or 6 pack of Red Bull. But don't hang out there! Log out and get to work. You are there to tell others about what you're doing and create some motivation for yourself, not to look at pictures of their shrimp scampi or hear how bored they are for the 5th time this week.

When you are a couple of hours in to your project, log back in and give an update. Most likely you'll be complaining about the insane amount of reading on Mesopotamia you've been doing, or maybe bemoaning the fact you procrastinated a week before getting to this paper due tomorrow. Keep it fun and interesting though so you don't annoy anyone. Maybe talk about the pizza or sesame chicken you're about to order? Accompanying photos could be of yourself, showing your dilapidated physical and emotional state, sustained only by your will to live and that Red Bull in your fist.

But won't that distract me more?

NO! Don't forget the most important part though: LOG OUT! Don't let your motivation turn into a time-waster.

Repeat the process every hour and before you know it that project or paper will be signed, sealed, and ready for that big test.