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4 Essential Apps for Keeping Organized in College

Evernote App for College Students

1. Evernote

Evernote is a college student’s virtual school backpack, locker, and notebook in one powerful self-organization app. Write text notes with the ease of a word processor, quickly drag-and-drop web clips, audio files, images and snapshots. Bookmark webpages and media elements with the web clipper browser extensions, and access them later on every mobile device and computer with Evernote’s automatic over-the-air sync. Evernote collects information from anywhere and stores it into into a single place. From text notes to web pages to multimedia files to snapshots, your education is always at your iPhone or iPad’s fingertips. (Free in the App Store)

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Clear iPhone App for College Students

2. Clear

Clear is a sleek, modern productivity app that helps students manage their busy personal lives and college schedules: errand reminders, to-do lists, shopping checklists, class agendas, work shifts, or just a place to store and remember long-term life goals, Clear’s minimal, intuitive design is built almost entirely on swipe gestures, making it a natural fit for the smartphone and tablet generation: pull down on a list to add an item, pinch to insert tasks, swipe an item to complete, and drag tasks to easily rearrange them. And all your lists and tasks are automatically stored in iCloud, syncing seamlessly across your Mac and iPhone or iPad. ($1.99 in the App Store)

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iStudiez App for College Students

3. iStudiez

Singin’ the freshman blues? Having a hard time remembering when all your college class schedules, homework, and assignments are due? iStudiez sorts out the mess. The real-time Smart Summary tracks your college schedule during the day and alerts you when you need to attend a class, the Assignments Review sorts college papers by course, date due, and priority, and the Grades Tracker keeps tabs on your college grades in percents, points, or letters, then calculates them towards your overall degree GPA. With iCal integration, Cloud Sync, and customizable Notifications, this handy tablet and smartphone app is a lifesaver next time you wake up late for class or almost forget to hand in an assignment on time. ($4.99 in the App Store)

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PDF Reader App for College Students

4. PDF Reader

Away from your computer and need to quickly tackle that PDF your professor emailed you on your iPhone? With the aptly-named PDF Viewer, you can view, highlight, annotate, and share them straight from your iPhone or iPad. Add sticky notes/text boxes, convert fussy images into easy-to-read formats, import scans, create multi-page documents, and exchange files between your mobile device and computer via USB or Wi-Fi with no additional software. You can access your college documents anytime from iCloud, Dropbox, SugarSync, or GoogleDocs in password-protected private folders so your personal data and documents are always safe. You’ll never be left on-the-go and in the lurch. ($4.99 in the App Store)

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